Final Draft. Persistence Learning how to walk again.

Every one has that one thing that was hard at the beginning but got easier over time right? When I was little I loved running around and playing sports. I was outside every chance I got, taking my dogs on walks around the neighbor hood or playing in the back yard with my brother and sister. That all changed when I was nine years old. What I loved to do was taken from me. The doctors said I would be lucky if I could ever walk again.

A snowy day, February 23, 2005 was the start of a new beginning. It had just stopped snowing, a break in the action as I was heading to my best friends birthday party. We were all in the car Mom, Dad, Judd, Madd’s and I. The car in front of ours stopped short so my dad hit the brakes, and we slid across the yellow lines right into on coming traffic. That was it, I though my life was over along with every one else around me. Once I finally came to, back to consciousness, I realized I was very wrong. It was a screaming silence, and a blinding darkness, like things were in slow motion. I did not know what just happened, when i figured it out, I also figured out I was stuck.. With every one running around who would hear me yelling? My dad had to pull the whole driver seat out of the car for me to be able to get, but that was the least of my worries. When I was finally out of the car I fell to the ground I couldn’t walk. I was carried to the ambulance and taken to the closest hospital for them to send me home with a fractured knee cap, and the other one twisted.

A week later I was wheel chaired in to an orthopedic for them to tell me it would be a miracle for me to walk again because of all the damage I have sustained to my joints. I was horrified, no more running around like a normal kid no more playing sports no more anything. Moving either of my legs I was in serious pain. I didn’t know what I was going to do, there was no way this could have happened not me, but it did.

I started with a cast that I could put on and take off depending on how I was feeling that day, that was a chore in itself. I had to do all these little things, bending my knee and straightening it out; my dad would have to help me and force me to do it because of how bad it hurt. The doctor had me stretching out my legs, forcing them straight. I had to put weights on my ankles starting at one pound working up to five pounds to strengthening the muscles in my legs back up from not being in use. I had to sit on the couch for hours at a time watching t.v. rotating between ice and heat for comfort. I would wait for my brother to get home from school so I had someone to play with. When I wasn’t on the couch I had to just sit in my wheel chair. I had nothing to do, My dad would try to play games and get me to go back out side. I wouldn’t what was the point of going out side if I couldn’t run around and have fun? ¬†After the first 6 months in physical therapy I was able to put some of my weight on my legs. I had to stand with a walkers or crutches, and always had someone right in front of me in case i started to fall. While I was standing I would have to bend my knees like I did sitting down before, that was no easy task. Words cannot even begin to explain what it felt like. Three months after that I was able to hobble around with the walkers and crutches and I amazed my doctors.

I was determined that I was going to walk again nothing was going to stop me. No matter how bad it hurt or how bad I wanted to stop i didn’t. I had to go on in pain, with the crutches till I was confident in my self to walk with out them. a few times I thought I was able to but I was mistaken, I fell and I cried, but I got back up. Three more months went by, I was using the crutches full time and my knees were feeling a lot better. I was able to return to school, and it was nice to get out of the house. One day I was at my physical therapist and the doctor had me stand up with one of my crutches and had me stumble around for over an hour. I was so nervous I was going to fall but he walked with me, and made sure I wasn’t going to. At the next visit he had me do the same thing, this lasted over a month. After that month was up he had me stand up with out my crutches. he stood in front of me with his arms out to catch me if I fell, which I didn’t do, I did stumble and trip a little but I did not hit the ground. Then all of a sudden he let go, I was taking my first steps all over again. I couldn’t believe it and neither could he. He yelled for my parents and they came running thinking i had fallen again, and to there amazement I was walking. I was able to walk over to them, I had to sit right away but I was still walking.

Till this day I think about how lucky I am that I am up and walking around. Due to this injury my growth plates were damaged in my left leg making my legs to be two different lengths and causing me have problems in my hips. Especially when everyone including myself thought it was never going to happen again. I still have an occasional issue with my knees, when its cold out or raining I am in pain  and I am still in physical therapy. No matter how hard it is I continue to get better.






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